Heating System with inbuilt Intelligence

Thermal treatment is vital processing step in any kind of product processing systems across various industries such as Pharma, Food, Chemical, Fertilizers, Coating, Paint, Ceramic, Electronics and many more. Application of heating system such as heating, drying, sterilization, coating, pasteurization, blanching, mixing and many more; all requires very preciously controlled heating for quality production. But as we all know, every material put under processing may or may not have the same level of moisture or may not require same temperature for processing though being the same type if material also manually adjusting the heating temperature or heating time is also not feasible; Practically!

We as Kerone, have always advocated that the new age thermal treatment systems must be capable of making efficient decision to offer best possible correction based of the input material type its contents and behavior while under processing. This shift is paradigm in industrial thermal treatment from brainless to brained industrial desired. This might have been not possible few decades back however due to advancement of AI, ML and IoT technologies it is achievable to large extend.

Advanced AI and ML can make machines more intelligence with by building the capabilities such as:

Computer Vision:

Precisely trained deep learning model that can detect the minute deflection in the product quality which is even the most experienced workmen cannot find. Cameras are very sensitive compared to human eyes and they can be installed within the machine to detect the flaw within the product under process and take corrective actions. This will be possible by combining the AI and ML together detect early and correct properly.

Digital Twins:

Digital Twins is concept that leverages the power of all three AI, ML and IoT together and help you to be with the machine every time even you are away. Digital twins are exclusively useful when working with equipment from a remote distance. Sensors implanted inside machine gathers data about real-time status, working condition or position and this data can be access via internet and cloud from processing and providing information on your figure tip.

Speech and Text Recognition:

It gets hard to modify the temperature, wind current, speed and so on to the exact an incentive for the ideal yield quality when did physically. With the capacity to identify discourse and content you can converse with new age machines and impart what is required. Some time you don’t have a clue what parameter will bring about best quality handled item, anyway with the AI and ML simply address machine or feed the necessities, it will change over that contribution to the parameters that will be required for best outcome and modify all the hardware to work and accomplish the shared objective.

Predictive maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is not old school thing in contradicted to that we have predictive maintenance. As the machine continuously reports for minute by minute performance is recoded and AI and ML models detects the potential fault and inefficient performances in advance. The AI and ML powered predictive maintenance saves businesses valuable time and resources, including labor costs, while guaranteeing optimal manufacturing performance.

Advantages of system with power to help in making decision:

  • Less Wastage of material.
  • Less and efficient utilization of energy.
  • Fast and precise heating system.
  • Save energy in some case up to 50%.
  • Easy integration with modernized production lines.
  • Understand, monitor, predict and control process variability.
  • Augment equipment and process diagnostics capabilities.
  • Quicker Response time and less operations cost for machine with inbuilt intelligence.
  • Real-time remote monitoring of performance.
  • Multi-site monitoring improving the operational efficiency and reducing the site downtime.
  • Full manufacturing traceability.
  • Predictive Maintenance and quality management.
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