Applications and Advantages of Vacuum Dryers

Drying is the process of the removal of the water or solvents by the process of evaporation; hence the output of dryer must be a solid material in the form of any defined structure or powder. To achieve the dried output the heat is applied to evaporate water or solvents.
What if I say we have to dry the heat sensitive material; how will dry them if heat is applied to evaporate the water or solvent contents then material itself can get harmed as being the heat sensitive material, hence the special provisions required to dry such heat sensitive materials. To dry such heat sensitive materials it’s required to lower down the environmental pressure, as the water and many solvents reach to boiling point at lower temperature with the pressure is lower by creating the vacuum, hence this process is known as vacuum drying (#vacuumdrying). The marriage of heat and vacuum together have proven as very effective source of the drying at relatively lower temperature, the moisture content in the material dried via vacuum dryers are lower as compared to normal dryer, those are not using the vacuum.
We at KERONE are specialized in manufacturing the superior quality and customized vacuum dryers contacting various type of drying technologies such as microwave vacuum dryer, hot water vacuum dryer, electrical vacuum dryer and etc.
Advantages of the Vacuum dryers:

  1. Vacuum dryers are very efficient heat sensitive
  2. Materials can be dryers in containers or enclosures
  3. Average drying temperature is much lower than standard dryers 
  4. Drying action becomes faster as heat is easily transferred throughout the body of the dryers, due to its large surface area
  5. Dries large moisture as compared to normal dryers 
  6. Quality of dries material is better than that of the normal dryers

Limitation of vacuum dryers:

  1. Vacuum Drying process is batch type drying process (#dryingprocess) It has low efficiency.
  2. Vacuum dryers are expensive 
  3. Vacuum dryers require skilled labour to operate 
  4. Cost of maintenance are high

Application of the Vacuum dryers:
The Vacuum dryers find application in various type of the industries such as:

  1. Chemical process industries
  2. Food processing 
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. Plastic
  5. Timber
  6. Paper and other industries

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