Advantages and Importance of Grain Drying

The drying of cereals could be a method known since ancient times that, over the decades, has skilled evolutions and changes. The grain drying treatment, that tried indispensable, continues to be carried out nowadays, in several and alternative ways. If done effectively, this method will deliver necessary advantages to farmers and farms. But in what way? And what benefits are we talking about, exactly?

The grain drying treatment, whether it’s carried out naturally or unnaturally, plays a basic role within the marketing of the product. However, the best benefits occur once the method is dispensed with specific and advanced drying systems, like mobile grain dryers and tower dryers.

Grain dryers of first generation were unlikely to adapt to hostile atmospheric condition, with the result that drying was usually not effective. Today, however, the foremost technologically advanced grain dryers will optimally satisfy any drying requirement, even with high humidity levels (i.e. 35%) and in environments with very low temperatures and fewer favourable conditions.

The main advantages of grain drying with these systems are:

Safer storage – By reducing the moisture content in the grains, the possibility of degradation or germination of the cereal is eliminated: therefore, it can be stored even for long periods in a safe manner maintaining the quality of the product.

Less molds and/or aflatoxins – The reduced water content also makes it possible to eliminate the risk of the onset of harmful agents such as molds or aflatoxins, which can damage the cereal and also represent a danger to human and animal health.

Less waste – Grain drying, eliminating the risks associated with the possible deterioration of the product, allows to significantly reduce the losses associated with numerous movements of the product, exposure to theft, birds and rodents: the greatest part of the harvested product will then be marketed, without significant losses;

More productivity and quality – Grain drying through a dryer allows to speed up the process, allowing greater flexibility and an increase in productivity: in a few hours it is possible to dry many tons of products, a process that would require several days with the traditional method. Owning a dryer means being independent in the treatment, which can be performed at any time and keeping the parameters that affect drying under control. Also, by eliminating the risks associated with product degradation, even the quality remains at best.

More value and profits – The flexibility gained by the farmer, combined with the benefit of greater security regarding the conservation and quality of the harvested cereals, offer the opportunity to sell the product at a higher price, following the most favourable periods for putting it on the market. In this way, profits also increase and they are maximized.

The advantages of grain drying are necessary and decisive for the success of a farm, particularly if carried out with systems specifically designed for this purpose, like grain dryers. To mention the five main advantages that may be obtained, we have: larger safety for storage, elimination of the onset of molds and aflatoxins, reduction of waste, higher product quality and productivity, increase and maximization of profits.

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