Electric Infrared Process Heating System

Electric infrared processing systems are used for many applications such as heating, drying, curing, thermal-bonding, sintering, and sterilizing applications by manufacturing companies. Most common application of the electric infrared is in which only the surface of an object needs to be heated.

Infrared is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between visible light and radio waves. Infrared wavelengths range from 0.8 to 10 microns. Infrared energy, can be transmitted, absorbed, and reflected, like light and this is possible only when the object being heated is in line-of-sight of the emitters and/or reflector. Few infrared systems designed for to cure coatings that are not in line of sight.

A typical electric infrared heating systems will always consist of an emitter, a reflector system, and controls. Electric infrared systems are also consisting of a material handling system and a ventilation system. IR systems have capability to process (dry or cure) a product in very little span of time.

Electric infrared system is more suitable of flat product’s heating, drying and curing, reason being the characteristic of infrared which heats the surface of product and the penetrates the heat within the deep of product. Product with complex or uneven or hidden surface requires hybrid IR systems with convection oven or material handling systems.

Common industrial applications of infrared are:

• Adhesive Drying
• Annealing and Curing of Rubber
• Drying of Parts (Coated with Paints or Varnishes)
• Drying Textiles and Paper
• Drying Coatings On Steel and Aluminium Coil
• Ink Curing
• Moulding Plastics
• Power Coating Curing
• Shrink Wrapping
• Silk Screening

Electric infrared processing system is even used in the application that requires direct-fired and fuel-fired heating. Hybrid electric system are another type of heat processing systems that is comprises of IR in conjunction with conventional or any other type of electromagnetic.

We at Kerone are having more than four decades of experience in designing various type of IR and hybrid processing system.

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